Craignish is a small peninsula in Argyll on the beautiful west coast of Scotland, half way between the towns of Lochgiplhead and Oban

Craignish Community Company (or C3, as it is sometimes called) is a charity working to improve the quality of life for all residents of Craignish by tackling economic, social and environmental issues in an integrated and sustainable way.

Our charity is committed to being an open, democratic organisation, working in partnership with other bodies and empowering local people to take decisions for the benefit of their own, and future generations.

About Us

We were established in 2004 to:

Promote rural regeneration

Advance the education of the local community

Promote & support similar projects to benefit the community


Get involved

Got an idea?

If you have an idea that you would like C3 to support, just get in touch. Either contact one of the Board or drop us an email. We’re always happy to hear about potential new projects. Check out our Projects page to learn more about the kind of things we’ve supported in the past

Become a member

If you’d like to be a member of C3, we’d love to hear from you. It’s free to join and open to a wide range of people and organisations. Members are able to stand for the Board and vote at any general meeting.


Most of the projects we support need money! We have secured funding through trusts for some projects, but often it is the community who support what we do. If you have a brilliant fundraising idea or would like to help with our annual Boat Jumble, please get in touch.