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All the photos on our site have been taken and shared by members of our community. Thank you to everyone for sharing them. If you have pictures you’d like to feature on our site, we’d love to see them. Just email them over and we’ll use them here and on our Facebook page.

How we began

We were established in 2004 with the following objectives:

To promote rural regeneration following principles of sustainable development in areas of social and economic deprivation within the community of Craignish by:

The relief of poverty;

The provision or improvement of housing (but not by relieving local authorities of their responsibilities);

The provision of recreational facilities;

The protection or conservation of the environment.

To advance the education of the local community about its environment, culture, and/or history.

To promote, establish, operate or support other projects & initiatives of a similar nature for the benefit of the community of Craignish.

How do we differ from Craignish Community Council?

The community company is here to raise and spend funds for the community’s benefit. The community council is the statutory elected body, established to link local government (services, development, planning) and other authorities (NHS, Police, Environment) with the community. The two bodies work closely together – as seen in the COVID Response Group which has representatives from both bodies.

What’s missing?

We want this site to record the whole story of Craignish Community Company. If you have stories, pictures and/or information you would like to see here, such as past events, how we’ve developed or projects we have supported, please drop us an email of speak to one of the Directors and we can add them here.

Who are we?

C3 is run by the community, for the community. The Board of Directors are all local residents and we welcome new members at any time – although formal elections to the Board take place at our AGM.

The current Directors tell us a little about themselves here.

Iain Saunders – Chair

Since I was born this corner of Argyll has been where I spent my childhood holidays. I moved to Ardfern permanently some twenty years ago and spend much of my time gardening and sailing. I never cease to be aware how much of a privilege it is to be able to live here surrounded by magnificent scenery, clean air and invigorating weather.

Christian Smyth – Treasurer

I worked in finance for over ten years, based in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Edinburgh. More recently I’ve been gardening, farming and doing art here in Craignish.
I’m excited to support the Craignish community as my family has farmed in the area for 6 generations.

Jane Smee – Secretary

If you see some nutcase swimming in the Lagoon in the middle of winter that’s probably me. Niall and I have enjoyed sailing the west coast for many years and when we decided to settle there permanently we were lucky enough to land in this community.

Angie Bird

Originally from Lunga, I returned to Ardfern as a single parent with my two wild little girls a few years ago to live a slow and creative life in this magical place!

Rory Day

My parents bought some land at Corranbeg in 1980, so for most of my life Ardfern has been home. I built a shed-cum-bothy on the land 20 years ago and set up a campsite for tipis and yurts, before going abroad again to work, then moved here full-time with my family in 2011

Vicki Burnett

After many years holidaying up and down the west coast, we finally settled in Craobh in 2018. I absolutely love it here and feel so lucky to be surrounded by such a great community and such beautiful views.

Rob Stephen

I married into Ardfern life! My wife Bonnie was born here, and after trying a few other locations in England, and overseas in Albania, we have found ourselves here for now, a great place to raise our three young children.

Mark Hampton

Having spent the past 30 years moving at least once every three years, be it for education or work, Craignish has provided a home or home from home since 1986. Having lived on both sides of the peninsula with my wife and children, sending the kids to the same schools which I attended and watching the populations increase and decrease, I have a deep rooted commitment to the survival and growth of the community along with all of its varied and fantastic social attributes. 

Siobhan Healy

I grew up in Ardfern and attended Craignish Primary School and I have always considered Craignish as my spiritual home, despite living away in Glasgow and also Edinburgh for many years.  Now I am developing Healy Arts, which supports education in endangered crafts. I am interested in working with the community to work on innovative projects; plant trees as long term art practice and additionally create a platform for discussion to educate in traditional crafts. I’m really excited to be actively part of the community and be part of exciting new projects that will benefit the area.

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