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UPDATE: July 2022

Work started on completing the build of our community St Ayles skiff in June 2021.  The build team of Mark Holroyd, Simon Kennedy, Scott Mannion and Andre Van Der Well made significant, and highly skilled, progress on adding the necessary woodwork to the hull interior by the end of the year. 

Through the winter work progressed thanks to the generosity of Peter, Kirsty and Angus Richardson as they gave us room in the shelter of their shed to complete the build. 

In April 2022 we started painting the completed boat under the hugely experienced guidance of Ali Allport.  As Covid restrictions eased we were able to broaden the group of people involved – thanks to all who have contributed their time and efforts.

July 2022 marks the completion of the build of our skiff.  We now look forward to welcoming a wider participation from the community as we tackle how we go about rowing and handling our new boat.  See you on the water!

The build was supported by a very generous donation from C3 without which we could not have got this far.  Ardfern Yacht Centre have assisted us with the costs, advice and material.  Thanks to all concerned.

Craignish has some of the most spectacular coastline in Scotland (that is to say, the world!) and is home to one of the most successful boat clubs in the country, the Craignish Boat Club, where every local child gets a chance to learn to sail or kayak, and many go on to become instructors and even find careers on the sea.  

In 2020 a group of boat-building and rowing enthusiasts came together to get even more people on the water as a new adult section of the club, the Craignish Coastal Rowers.

The idea was to build, launch and row a new St Ayles Skiff for Loch Craignish. The group managed to buy and transport a half-completed skiff to the peninsula, source many materials and find a space to work. But then Covid struck, making it much harder to either build or fundraise.

The Craignish Community Company offered to cover the cost of the remaining materials so that the build could continue, albeit at a slower pace as the lockdown continued.

There is still much more to do to launch our skiff.

If you are interested in either helping with the build or rowing the boat, email Tim:

To find out more about the hugely popular St Ayles Skiff design and the many communities that row one, visit

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