How are C3 projects funded?

Every project we work on is different. Some are big and cost a fair amount of money, others are smaller and cheaper, but can be equally impactful. How we fund them varies from project to project.

Craignish Community Company is a registered charity. As such we can apply for funding for projects from charitable trusts, government schemes, etc. This can be a great way to get a chunk of money for a specific project. For example – The Righ Foundation (a local Trust) supported the more significant costs of the playground & roundhouse.

However, many costs for smaller projects, or for the minimal costs involved with running C3 (for example auditors fees) come from the local community, either as personal donations or through fundraising.

The boat jumble is a popular annual event run by C3. It is our main fundraising event, bringing in over £2k from stall fees and refreshments and is usually held every May at Craignish Village Hall. Watch out on our events page for dates for the next one.

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