Talamh An Righ

“The King’s Playground”

This has been the Community Company’s most significant project to date.
The decision by the Council to build a classroom for the pre-school on the primary school playground left the primary school without a play area. At the same time the site behind the school came up for sale. This presented an attractive and unrepeatable opportunity for the school to have a new play area with easy access and the Community to have a recreation space.

The Community Company initiated a campaign to raise the necessary funds which it managed to do with significant support from the Righ Foundation. Having achieved the purchase of the land, it became clear that some kind of outdoor shelter would significantly increase its utility and, again with further support from the Righ Foundation, a Roundhouse was built using Community resources.

The whole project has taken some time to bring to fruition but is now finished and available for use by the school since the beginning of the Autumn term 2020.
The Gaelic name is pronounced “talav an ree” (The King’s Playground) and reflects the space as a playground for all – alongside acknowledging the Righ Foundation’s generous support of the project.

Well done to Blair Duncanson for his creativity and dedication to the job, it’s a real work of art. Many thanks to the Righ Foundation for funding much of the construction and the community for raising the rest. And a big thank you to the rest of the construction team – Scott Mannion, Justin Hood, Kathy Potter-Irwin, Simon Bevan, Will Goudy, Aidan Gregory and the many others who gave their time and skills so generously. It’s an inspiring community effort that will be enjoyed for decades!

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